McCabe | McCabe Organic Mixed Bean
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McCabe Organic Mixed Bean

Beans, McCabe

Mixed Bean

Organic Mixed Bean is blended 7 different beans.

  • Organic Soy Bean
  • Organic Small Red Bean (Azuki)
  • Organic Black Bean
  • Organic Garbanzo Bean
  • Organic Green Pea
  • Organic Baby Lima Bean
  • Organic Dark Red Kidney Bean



  • Add some in rice cooking.

Country of Origin:
Certified Organic by CCOF


유기농 혼합콩

여러 종류의 잡두류를 구매 하는 대신 7가지를 혼합 하여 밥을 짓을때 간편하게 추가 하여 요리 하도록 제품화


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